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Video: Miki Wong

  プロジェクト ウェディング・ショップ
   瀬戸内国際芸術祭 2019

   Little Shops on the Island “Wedding Shop”
   Setouchi Triennale 2019

Leong Ka Tai and the Red Thread

The modern day Megijima faces a population outflow, with a low marriage and fertility rate and very few new settlers. However, the Red Thread believes that all relationships in its past, present and future form reveals unique history and socio-economic situations of a place, which is fundamental to our understanding and respect for a place. All relationships are connected to the future of Megijima, however trivial they may seem.

Marriage forms families, and family is the founding unit for community and even nations. Family in itself is a miniature of a society. A celebration of marriage is the celebration of a lot more than the unification of two people. The Wedding Shop invites couples, friends, families and guests of any close connection to pledge their relationship at our shop, to celebrate their relationships with the same regard as a wedding. Though there may be very little connections between the community of Megijima and us, we think the invention of our project will bring commitment and revival to the island.

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